. wrap up of 2016 (pt. 1) .

Wow. I’ve been gone for a while.

Other than my terrible habit of procrastinating, I have finals week, traveling and family outings as excuses for my absence. And the fact that I am terribly lazy.

My finals ended well, and I celebrated the end of the stressful week with my friend. We planned on going ice skating at the Boston Winter Wonderland, but little did we know how cold it would be….

Not real frost though hehe

I’m not kidding when I say that the wind felt like it was cutting my skin. We were too much of wussies couldn’t stand the cold, so we called it a day after a little while of touring and shopping around downtown Boston.




On our way back, we stopped by H-mart to pick up some groceries for my friend to take back with her to Paraguay. According to her, there are only few Asian products available there, so most of them are sent by relatives who live in Japan and Taiwan.

We also grabbed injeolmi rice cakes and yokan jelly to snack on (with fancy oolong tea!) back in our dorms. The rest of the evening was so relaxing…it was a great way to finish off my first semester of college.

The next few days were just packing and cleaning. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I only brought six sweaters and 2 pants for going out. Needless to say, I had to plan outfit combinations during my 3-week stay.

Two days after my arrival in Pittsburgh, my parents and I hit the road to Chapel Hill, NC to hang out at my brother’s apartment. I have to admit that I’m a smidgen jealous of him having his own place, but I take pride in having Boston as my environment.

My brother took me to some cool places around his school:

One of my favorite places is a bookshop on Franklin St.; they have cats, people!!




I could have stayed for hours looking for some interesting books and chilling with these guys.

Our last stop was a large store called Southern Seasons. The best way I can describe it is as a fusion of a slightly upscale grocery store + William Sonoma + gift shop (?). They sell a wide variety of things like food, clothing, kitchenware and decorations.

Ho ho ho



Variety of expensive af skin/hair products

My favorite Matt & Nat bags were on display…

…along with shelves and shelves full of wines and beer bottles.

The store was connected to a mall, so I ventured to some other (similar) shops.


Fairy-like Christmas ornaments

The other 3 days in North Carolina were less eventful. I forgot to take pics of some of the amazing food I ate there, but I definitely recommend Mediterranean Deli, Spotted Dog and Sage Cafe. All 3 are completely different except the fact that they are veg friendly!

  • Mediterranean Deli: Cheap, tasty choices for both meat-eaters and veg heads. They offer a huge selection of sides in a deli case and indicate any allergens (and which ones are vegan!) for each. Don’t skip the mini condiment/mezze bar (FREE)!

Recommendations: Falafels, roasted eggplant, Armenian roasted veggies, lentil salad

  • Spotted Dog: Pub-style food with tons of vegan/vegetarian options. Think burgers, fries, pasta, etc. I went during dinnertime, but they serve sandwiches and soups for lunch.

Recommendations: Curry quinoa burger with beer battered fries

  • Sage Cafe: All vegetarian Persian restaurant with vegan options available for almost every entree/side. Not on the cheap side, but still filling. It was my first time trying Persian food, but I’m glad I did! Dinner entrees come with rice and shirazi.

Recommendation: Bud-m-joon 

  • Looking Class Cafe: A small coffee shop that offers premium roasts, sandwiches, and pastries. Non-dairy milk alternatives and vegan goodies available.

Recommendation: Roast of the day

That’s basically it for my food adventure. On the flip side, I had toast and PB for breakfast everyday.

Before the road trip back to Pittsburgh (this time with my brother along), we decided to buy some Korean groceries at the new H-mart. Due to the lack of Korean grocery stores in Pittsburgh, we tend to drive some distance to get our hands on a few staple items, like a box of nappa cabbage for kimchi. Unfortunately, it was the grand opening day and we stood in line for a while before entering the store. It was one of the nicest H-marts I’ve been to, and I would have liked to look around longer if it wasn’t for the overwhelming number of people in there.

This concludes my NC trip. To be honest, that was the most eventful part of my winter break, which leaves two weeks of free time at good ole home sweet home.


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