. birthday dinner ! .

Last Thursday (Jan. 5) was my birthday and the following Jan. 6 was my dad’s, so we decided to combine it into one dinner while the whole family was together.

My mom prepared a chicken entree, which is one of my dad’s favorites. She used this recipe as a base and modified it slightly.

. chicken thighs w/ bacon, brussel sprouts and apples .

Along with salad, japchae, and steamed kabocha squash!

. spring mix w/ persimmons and apple slices .
. lots of veggies, just the way I like ’em .


. 500 times better than a sugar pumpkin .

I had a good plateful of japchae and kabocha, both of which my mom prepared specially for me! I’m so grateful that my mom is an amazing cook.

p1000273Maybe I should put up a recipe for this japchae next time, because it is seriously bomb. Leftovers made it to my tummy for the next day’s lunch. 🙂

. not a huge spread of food, but all the good stuff were there .

Happy birthday dad! Hope you will stay healthy this year too!

I’m back in school now. I did miss the streets of Boston a bit, but I miss my parents (and the food) even more. Guess I have to wait ’til March for spring break (sigh). Until then, I must withstand the battle of spring semester.


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