. wrap up of 2016 (pt. 2) .

First off,

Happy New Year! Sorry, totally late…oops.

After a long(ish) 8-hour drive from Chapel Hill, NC to Venetia, PA, I was glad to be back in the comforts of my home. Nothing beats the feeling of showering and relaxing in your PJs at your own room~

Perhaps it’s because I slept for 5 hours on the trip back, but I couldn’t sleep…instead I doodled on a 2016-2017 calendar my brother got me as an early Christmas gift.

. my initials on the corner .
. doodle doodle doodle .

Christmas came without a notice. Our family isn’t huge on celebrations, but we usually like to have a western-style meal for supper rather than the usual Korean dishes. I followed a recipe from Hot for Food (check them out!) for a holiday roast. It was basically sweet potato mash, lentil stew and cranberry sauce layered and wrapped with puff pastry.

I forgot to buy the puff pastry beforehand, and the stuff is sold out during the holidays. Hence, I had to make that from scratch.

. labor intensive, but so worth it .
. gochujang pasta .

My brother made us a gochujang pasta in a stone bowl (뚝배기 고추장 파스타). It was kind of hectic that he had to cook in four pots simultaneously, but the results were good. I appreciated that he left out seafood in mine and replaced it with mushrooms.



I was so stuffed by the end of the night.

I found a box of King Arthur Gluten-free Brownie Mix that was hiding in the back of my pantry and decided to give it a shot. I remember buying this for an event back in April that I never ended up attending…huh.

I heard a lot of complaints that the usual egg replacers (e.g. flax-egg, applesauce, Ener-G) don’t work for this mix. However, I had the Vegan Egg on hand, and since that stuff can even make scrambles (I know, strange), I figured it had a chance… I simply followed the recipe on the back but substituted the eggs with the magic powder.

And the results-

. not lumps of coal… .




They were a bit too dense and fudgy, but I would say that’s a million times better than a dry brownie. There was even that crackly crust on top that’s oh-so-desirable. My brother, mom and I gobbled these up through out the next few days.

Some random eats:


. avocado toast: cucumbers, flaky sea salt, hemp seeds .
. falafel platter w. homemade hummus, side salad, pickles/olives, tahini dressing, babaganoush .
. would have been prettier with tomatoes. still tasty though .

That wraps up things for 2016. I’m thankful for my loving family and all the new encounters in college. There were days I just wanted to pull all my hair out, but that’s all part of transition and growth, right? I’m excited for 2017 to be just as full of unforgettable experiences as the previous year. And may everyone’s new year resolution kick off to a good start!


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