. week’s eats .

This is going to be a sweet & short post of my meals this week. Not that I remembered to take a picture of all my food… :s

I usually make myself a smoothie or even just take a piece of fruit as a portable snack before my 8 a.m. class.

Maybe it’s due to the lack of chewing action, but smoothies tend to leave me hungry 2-3 hours after drinking, and that’s with hemp seeds, nut butters, and all other goodies…

. mocha smoothie made w. leftover oatmeal .

One exception is oatmeal. There’s something about adding oats that sticks to your ribs and tides you over ’til your next meal. Plus, it makes the smoothie super creamy and thick— almost like pudding!

. remember when adding oats was unheard of ?


Random, but cool chairs at the Science-Engineering Complex. I like how people get to have their own mini private space, but at the same time it is a bit isolating and anti-social…

. me reading in my own little cubby .

Because the science-engineering complex I have morning classes in is near Cafe Crossing, I sometimes drop by and get lunch when I’m in a crunch for time to eat at the dining halls.


. avo toast …quite trendy, NEU .

An avocado toast and coffee for breakfast and a veggie sandwich for later. Sadly, I couldn’t get a photo of the sandwich because I was too busy trying to eat discretely during my lecture. I’ll post a review of Cafe Crossing next time 🙂

On days I do have time to eat at the dining hall:

. half-eaten bowl of brown rice congee w. seared tofu .

Such a comforting bowl of warm goodness for those chilly afternoons~

. tamarind sweet potatoes and steamed squash .

I could eat a bowl of these sweet potatoes. They were so.freaking.good; in fact I smuggled some back to my dorm for those sweet and salty cravings.

Didn’t feel like eating an actual dinner, so I ended the day with not one, but two nanners and a big spoon of PB (aka best snack ever).

. get yo’ hand off my smoothie .

Today’s meal schedule was a bit wonky— despite my usual green smoothie before heading out, I was hungry by 10:30 a.m. I thought about just holding in my hunger, but I didn’t want risk the embarrassment of my stomach growling (loudly) during class. So I went to Rebecca’s Cafe (another cafe I have yet to review!) and grabbed a wrap.


I should stop feeding my coffee addiction. I can’t help but love the aromatic and toasty taste of black coffee. It’s also a nice palate cleanser after your meals.


For dinner, I just put together a small plate of whatever random things I had in my fridge, because I wasn’t that hungry.

. IKEA veggie balls, tamarind sweet potatoes, kimchi, umeboshi .

Those IKEA balls are pretty good, though this poorly-lit photo doesn’t do it justice.Oh and if you’re unfamiliar with umeboshi, they’re pickled Japanese plums! They have an acquired taste that not everyone will love, but they go so well with bland foods (like rice) imo. If you’re into sour things and that funk from fermented foods, give umeboshi a try!

That’s all I have to share for now. Time for the weekend! woohoo!!



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