. night stroll in back bay .

Happy Lunar New Year!

Although we don’t do anything too special at our household, my mom always makes ddeokguk (떡국) which is a traditional soup consisting of a savory broth and thin, oval slices of rice cakes. Sadly, I won’t be able to celebrate this year since I’m away from home, but I got to eat ddeokguk at the Gregorian calendar’s new year on January 1st (some people eat it at this time too). The soup is usual made with beef or anchovy broth, but I found this veganized recipe on Mipa Lee’s blog. The flavor was different from the traditional one but nevertheless delicious!

One of my goals for this year is to adventure outside of the campus more often. In most cases that I say I’ve been to an area in Boston, it’s usually just me walking past or through the neighborhood without taking the time to actually look around and take in the scenery. Part of the reason is because I’m scared of getting lost without having a set route to take me from point A to point B.

So last week, on my way back to my room after a trip to TJ Maxx, I took a detour to the Back Bay area on the spur of the moment because why not. The weather was pretty nice too…

20170121_165520 (2).jpg


20170121_165843-2I admit I was kind of scared, since my sense of direction is…er…a little off. But this pretty bicycle made me feel better.

20170121_170416-2After walking around a neighborhood of apartments, I finally made it out to the main street and saw these beautiful lights.

I turned to a familiar street (Newbury St.), hoping  I would end up somewhere I could recognize. I thought I knew the area quite well—but lo’ and behold I was taken to  a completely new territory. I discovered (kind of late) a new shopping district lined with small shops, restaurants and cafes!


20170121_171757-2Passed by a shop that looked quite interesting.

20170121_171811-2“Tools for Nomads”


20170121_171558-2Cute indoor slipper-socks!


20170121_171356-2The place was pretty addicting with all the trinkets and whatnot. Though with their steep price tags, I won’t be buying anything from there. Especially because I know I can get it cheaper from Amazon.

20170121_171937-2How can you not go in when you see that?!



20170121_172215I was actually a bit disappointed, since it felt like a typical over-priced souvenir shop. But then again, what isn’t in Newbury St.? It was still cool to see a place dedicated to muggles looking for some magic in their lives.

20170121_175807I wished I had brought my better camera, and I didn’t take pictures of the other places I visited. Perhaps we need a re-visit during the daytime…

I was able to see things that I probably would’ve missed otherwise if it weren’t for this mini “adventure” (ahem, despite being only a mile away from campus). I’m trying to put away more time for myself so that I can enjoy these kind of trips more often. There’s so many things I want to do here, and let’s not forget the food I’ve yet to try!

There’s a Chinese New Year parade that’s going to happen on February 12 at Chinatown that I hopefully can make time for. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the occasion, explore a part of Boston and try some butt-kicking food.

Whether or not you celebrate the Lunar New Year, I wish you all good health and fortune for the rest of the year of the rooster!


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