. dairy-free banana milk .

If you grew up in Korea, visited Korea, or even stopped by an oriental grocery store, you may be familiar with ‘바나나 우유’ which translates directly to ‘banana milk’. Its ubiquitous plastic/paper cartons line the refrigerated isle of most, if not all, Korean convenience stores and it’s a favorite for children and adults alike. The same brand produces other various flavors, including the original strawberry and chocolate, as well as other not-so-familiar ones like coffee and melon.

Banana milk is exactly what it sounds like. Except, no, we don’t milk the bananas (hehe), but we infuse artificial flavors into normal cow milk.


Well I decided to make a dairy-free (and cruelty-free) version of my childhood favorite. I toned down the sweetness a little, but it’s still pretty sweet to replicate the original one. You can adjust the sweetness to your liking.

Also, I’d like to note about the type of ‘mylk’ in this recipe. I don’t recommend using store-bought almond milk due to its distinct bitter taste. I found it overpowers the banana flavoring. However, feel free to try out homemade nut milks or other store varieties of non-dairy milks.

Non-dairy banana milk : 바나나 우유 (serves 2)


2 cups soy milk 
2 tsp banana flavoring
1 large banana
2 TBSP cane sugar (omit if your soy milk is sweetened)
tiny pinch (~1/16 tsp) turmeric, optional for color


  1. Combine everything in a blender and mix until smooth. Serve chilled.

P1000457.jpgEasy, right? Perfect for an afternoon snack or alongside your meals. You can go super Korean route and enjoy it after a bath or a sauna with those sheep-head towels (look them up if you don’t know; they’re super cute).


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