. week’s eats #3 .

More like 2 weeks of eats, but I only have enough photos to make up one.

On we go~

p1000457Nostalgic banana milk veganized ūüôā I remember downing a single pack of that stuff back when I was in Korea.

p1000461Ack! So messy! But we all know almond butter + dates = heaven.

p1000462Lays baked chips, because potatoes are vegetables. Gotta get my 5 servings a day.

p1000465I also made some kimchi fried rice topped with gim. I was too tired to make it look presentable, but it still tasted amazing. Plus I’m obsessed with anything kimchi (I wonder why hehe).

p1000469Last week had a couple of cold, rainy days, perfect for a comforting bowl of soup and toast! Here, we have smashed chickpea salad on sprouted Ezekiel bread and Imagine organic sweet pea soup.

p1000470Also, have you guys tried the new Daiya greek yogurt alternatives? Dairy-free, soy-free powered by pea protein! I saw them out on the refrigerated section of Star Market, and my curiosity lead me to spend $2.50 on this tiny cup.

p1000473Before: topped with frozen berries and Kashi nuggets.

p1000472After. Nom nom.

p1000474I never really like flavored yogurts to begin with, and many non-dairy companies¬†use a ton of sweeteners to mask the lack of tanginess and flavor that characterize dairy yogurt. Despite this one being on the extremely sweet side, I have to say that the texture was almost spot on. Nice, thick and creamy. One thing I didn’t like about So Delicious’ coyo is their heavy use of starches/gums to thicken the mixture. Daiya’s have none of that; they do contain thickeners, but it’s more subtle without creating slimy-ness (perhaps the coconut cream’s doing?).

p1000475I’ve been skipping breakfast in the mornings these days, so it’s nice when I have the chance to sit down and enjoy a¬†chocolate green smoothie bowl.

20170215_093105 (2).jpgOr I mash my meals into one brunch/lupper(?). Usually it’s from Cafe Crossing, and I’m pretty sure the ladies working there wonder how I go there almost every day. This time I got the Chimichurri bowl without feta cheese. So. freaking. hearty.

That’s it for this week’s eats. Sorry for it being so short and for me not posting for a while. I’ve been pretty busy with midterms and papers, buttttttt I know I’ll eventually come back to this blog. It’s where we procrastinate, right? And procrastination is the bane of my existence that will never go away.

Have a good long weekend to those who have President’s Day off!


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