. cuong’s vegan .

It’s already been almost 3 weeks since my last post! Time sure flies by when you’re madly finishing up midterms and papers. I feel terrible for not being able to post at least once a week, so I’m working on making a schedule so that none of this shenanigans happens again.

Anyhow, I kept this in my drafts since my last post, and I figured it’s a good break from the usual boring week’s eats. Another veggie eatery, hooray!

Spring was on its way last last last Sunday (Feb. 19th!), and the weather was beautiful.  I took this opportunity to take a jog to Chinatown and try out a sandwich shop I’ve been meaning to go for a while.

20170219_143526 (2)With President’s Day extending the weekend to 3 days, the streets were bustling with shoppers and tourists, so it was a bit difficult to maneuver around and keep my jogging pace. I still enjoyed the change of scenery, since I usually just run on the treadmill at the gym.

Cuong’s Vegan is a small all-vegan shop right under My Thai Vegan Café, which is owned by the same people. The menu is quite simple with 4 bahn mi style sandwich options, few entrees and salads, and some desserts. The bubble tea variety was fairly big though, and they use fresh ingredients rather than preserved ones in syrups.

I settled for the BBQ gluten sandwich along with honeydew bubble tea. With the sandwich at only $4.50 this place is definitely a cheap eats!

There were a few seating spots in the shop, but the weather was too nice to eat inside. Instead, I walked over to the Chinatown park while sipping my drink.

20170219_143447 (2)20170219_143339 (2)The lady behind the counter was so friendly and sweet! Plus, when I asked for reduced sugar in my bubble tea after she added in the sugar (oops on my part), she added  extra honeydew and coconut milk to dilute it. More bubble tea for me!

20170219_141037 (2)I especially liked the usage of coconut milk. It went so well with the subtle sweetness of the honeydew. I definitely need to re-create this at home! One thing on the downside was the iciness, but I didn’t mind as much.

20170219_141229 (2)As for the sandwich, they used the standard Vietnamese baguette as the base (really crispy/flaky exterior with fluffy inside) and stuffed it with iceberg lettuce, spring mix, tomato slices, marinated seitan, spicy sauce and a sprinkle of peanuts. I also witnessed the lady pour some soup/broth inside, to soften the seitan maybe? I don’t know, but the sandwich was hella delicious. I just wish there was a bigger ratio of fillings to bread.

20170219_143243 (2)20170219_143230 (2)It’s nice that they’ve added a bit of greenery in the middle of the city. I’m sure this bamboo garden is more lush during the warmer seasons.

20170219_154323 (2)Instead of getting dessert at Cuong’s, I simply jogged some more to the nearest Whole Foods to treat myself to a cupcake. I’m usually not a huge fan of cupcakes, but enough time spent on Pinterest makes one crave wild things…

The only vegan options were chocolate and vanilla, but my indecisive self had difficulties choosing before finally settling for the chocolate flavor. The frosting was pretty good, and the cake base was decent, but I wouldn’t say it’s great. In fact, the cake was pretty dry and lackluster.

That’s it for this veg eatery. I highly recommend this place, not only for the food, but also because of Chinatown’s energetic ambiance. It’s quite fun to look at the oriental markets and small trinkets they sell on the streets.

Cuong’s Vegan Sandwiches

5 Beach St., Boston, MA 02111

(617) 422-5898

10:30 am – 6 pm (Mon.-Fri.)


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