. random eats #5 + coloring book .

Phew. It feels like it’s been forever since I posted. I wish to say that I have many things to catch up on here, but tbh nothing really happened except just piles of work and exams. I do have some random shots of some of the food I ate…which I know is starting to get repetitive. To be fair, humans are creatures of habit.

P1000514I bought a coloring book on sale at the spur of the moment, and I’ve made little to no progress. I wasn’t aware of what I was getting myself into, especially when I found out that I’m supposed to draw in my own patterns.  As you can see, I started coloring some parts of the elephant before I knew this fact, so some parts will be lacking details. Let me just tell you this: DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU HAVE LITTLE PATIENCE. This is so. effin. tedious.

P1000515I started the patterns with my Muji Pen, but I didn’t like the consistency(?).

P1000516…hence why I bought a new drawing pen from Pilot. This one is less ink-y and has a felt tip, so the ink distribution is much more even.

P1000517The size of the two pens, just in case you guys care (probably not).

I’ve also become a pro at packing food from the dining hall. I was already frugal, but college really intensified it:

P1000518Black bean burrito with side salad of lettuce, sweet potatoes, quinoa salad, guacamole and purple cabbage.P1000522Roasted sweet potatoes, coconut curry tempeh, pickled onions, steamed squash on a bed of rice.

I like to walk around the dining hall and mix up different sides to make one harmonious meal hehe.

P1000538For breakfast: chocolate PB chia seed pudding topped with cacao nibs and shredded coconut.

P1000535This one was a complete failure; I tried making a pasta dish with leftover cauliflower soup , but I realized that I didn’t have any thickeners like cornstarch to help the soup cling on to the noodles better. All I had on hand was coconut flour, which left that characteristic coarse texture of coconut flour in the sauce. The taste wasn’t too bad…but learn from my mistakes folks.

P1000543Afternoon snack of toast with PB, apple slices, hemp hearts.

P1000545If anyone else gets excited over bread, we can be great friends. Here in Boston, we have a a favorite local called Iggy’s bread. They’re an artisan bakery located in Cambridge that specializes in cultured dough. I have yet to go to the actual shop; for now, I’ll just have to stick to their products sold at Whole Foods.

I purchased the ‘small’ Francese bread, which is essentially their plain sourdough. I was actually so excited that I immediately started slicing the loaf once I got home.

P1000548Seriously guys, if you’re here in MA, please try this. This bread is your dreams come true. See that chewy crust and soft interior? mhmmm.

This bread is so addictive. It has the tang and airy-ness of real good sourdough.

P1000549I also ate ramen, pimped up with some veggies and tofu cubes to help fill me up. Pot holder courtesy of my school assignment.

This is the Koyo ramen in tofu miso flavor. Koyo uses organic wheat for their noodles, and they bake them rather than the traditional frying method. I also like the fact that they don’t use any artificial flavors, MSGs, fillers, etc. It kind of makes it…(do I dare say it)…healthy?!

P1000550Nah, jk. There’s still a lot of sodium like a lot of other packaged foods. However, this is certainly a better alternative if you have ramen cravings. 🙂

P1000560I’ve also finally got around to trying spirulina powder. I was really slow to catch up on the hype, and I never really bothered to purchase it myself. However, I wanted to boost my smoothies up with a little more protein, so I’ve been adding it here and there.

P1000570I was actually afraid this stuff will taste bitter or too earthy (can we just mention that ‘earthy’ is a bit of an understatement to describe hemp protein powder?). But I ended liking it. It kinda tastes like cucumber juice. wut.

P1000566And finally, one of my meals consisted of a to-go container filled with brown rice and tofu and broccoli stir-fry. Of course, I sprinkled ‘nooch’, sesame seeds, and sriracha, cuz we fancy like that.

P1000565Time to dig in! Have a wonderful week and ’til next time~


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