. europe trip pt 3 .

Guys….this wasn’t intended. I had everything scheduled…or so I thought. I’m at fault for not double checking. Since this “Europe Trip” series is dragging out too long, I’m going to end it here on part 3 with the highlights and eats :/

Sorry for the delay and hope you enjoy the rest of my Europe experience!

P1000955P1000961Welcome to Sanssouci!

Where there’s beautiful tulip gardens…P1000992.jpg…and awesome Italian food.

P1010047.JPGMushroom pizza sans cheese with the perfect crust!

But before departing for Prague…I just had to pick up these infamous doughnuts.

Brammibal’s is a small, all-vegan cafe located in Maybachufer Str. that sells various, unique flavors of doughnuts and other breakfast foods.

Yes. They were just as good as they look.

P1010060Top left (clockwise): Dulce leche creme, Pistachio-rose, PB-chocolate fudge, Strawberry-basil

P1010058Top left (clockwise): Cinnamon sugar, Maple coconut bacon, Lemon-rosemary, Caramel-hazelnut.

If you’re looking to indulge in Berlin, come here come here!

Brammibal’s Donuts

Maybachufer 8, 12047 Berlin, Germany


10 am – 6 pm (Mon.-Sun)

Prague was a few hours drive and we were immediately struck by the beauty of all the buildings and markets.

P1010086P1010099Our cute Airbnb ^_^P1010083P1010078P1010096I admit that there was a strong tourist-trap feel here, but it was an awesome experience in general. Besides, the prices for everything are even lower than in Berlin! After 2 nights in Prague, we headed to our next destination: Salzburg, Austria.

P1010109I’m telling you, Europe knows what’s up when it comes to vegan options. You can pick up some organic crackers, vegetable spread and banana soy milk at drugstores like the dm store!

My camera broke down during the whole Salzburg trip (-_- of course), but my parents and I agree that out of all the places that we’ve been to on this trip, Salzburg would be our choice if we had to move and live in Europe. It’s the perfect combination of tourist-y attractions, beautiful buildings and low cost-of-living. Plus, it’s not as crowded and hectic as Prague.

We stayed at a pretty cool hotel near the city called Eco-Suite. It was one of the pricier places during the trip ($127/night) but it fit the bill for our needs.

Next up was Munich. Home of the Bavarians and Pretzels!


P1010157Some cool cars that we spotted in BMW World in Munich.

P1010143And these cute guys that were swimming everywhere πŸ™‚

Last stop was Constance, where we were greeted by the beautiful nature it offers.

Conveniently, my uncle and aunt lives in Reichenau island near Constance, so we didn’t need to book any hotel rooms during our stay. I am so grateful for my cool cousins who provided me with an enormous supply of vegan goodies (that I unfortunately didn’t take photos of): cheese, salami, hummus, spreads, cream cheese, yogurt, jerky, candy/snacks, ice cream, etc. I know. Pretty awesome πŸ˜€

That wraps up the rest of the trip. Thanks for sticking with me! Week’s eats and recipes will resume next post so stay tuned!


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